Christmas Update & Catch up 

Hi guys sorry I’ve been Mia, I’ve been so very busy with work and the coming Christmas festivities. I went out to my local town to see the Christmas lights be turnt on which was lovely . I’ve also been spending some quality time with my family .So whats everyone’s plans for Christmas this year? I hope everyone has had fun buying presents and putting their decorations up .

Nonetheless ive got some very exciting news … I’ll be spending this Christmas in New York ! I’m overly excited and have never been to New York before .I’ve always spent Christmas with family and this year me and my partner decided to spend it in the beautiful Big Apple . I can’t wait to spend time in Central Park ,see Tiffanys ,skate at Bryant park ice rink and see the beautiful Christmas lights ,along with lots of other amazing thing to do and places to see. 

I’ve always loved Christmas films like Home Alone and Miracle on 34th street which are mainly set in New York ,Me and my partner Love to travel and can frankly say we have a bug for it .We love to share out trips and memories through Instagram ,Facebook and My Blog .I cannot wait to share this  amazing experience with you all . 

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and an Amazing New Year with your loved ones and Family . Let me know what you all get and what your plans are over Christmas time. In the meantime you can catch up and follow me on Instagram and Twitter and message me on their if you want to .So don’t forget to check back ,like and comment ,Enjoy . 

Autumn is finally here ..

Hi guys I’ve been so busy recently with work, catching up with my family and my diploma .And in the midst of it all Autumn is here. Which means cosy evenings in and changing my wardrobe from crop tops and shorts to warm knit jumpers and knee high boots .Ive been thinking about doing some Halloween looks aswell, and that gives me something to be creative with.

I have been doing a diploma with Shaw Academy in beauty, I recently took my final assignment and of corse I was ecstatic to find out that I had passed. If anyone is looking to gain experience in any field of subjects then please check out Shaw Academy. You won’t regret it!

So here is just one of many looks I’ve yet to create ,and of corse it’s Harley Quinn

I’ve got many more ideas ,maybe the joker,cat woman ,mermaid .The options are endless and I can’t wait to share them. Let me know what your styling yourself as for Halloween I’d like to know .Comment ,like and follow make sure you check out my other social networks in the meantime .

Happy Halloween!!

My summer /Catch up

Hey So I’m back from my beautiful summer away travelling .I firstly went with my partner to San Antonio Ibiza ,we had both been before but not stayed as central. It was amazingly hot ,So we decided one evening to take a boat out and watch the sunset near Cafe Del Mar.

And with only a few days left we wanted to see some old places we knew of. We walked along the boardwalk for an hour until we reached Mari Pins ,where we caught up with old friends and drank the night away .We stayed until closing time 6.00am and slowly made our way back ,whilst walking in the sand and watching the sunrise .It was bliss...

After an amazing nine days in Ibiza we made our way to Benalmadena Malaga in Spain. We had never been before so we wanted to travel around, And that we did .Benalmadena is a very traditional place with a variety of lovely people and Traditional flamenco dresses to purchase at most stores. Followed by quaint Barbeques set up along the beach and promenade.

We hired a car and went with family on a drive to the gorgeous city of Gibraltar .It was beautiful as we came to cross the boarder from Spain to Gibraltar we could see the Rock of Gibraltar standing tall amongst the clear warm skies above .The first language spoken in Gibraltar is English and second Spanish ,the whole island is In fact five miles round .The Main Street (high street) was amazing with so much to see and do. There were a lot of shops there that we have in England too, which was a plus .

So we decided to take a cable cart up to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar, which was a phenomenal experience .once we reached the top of the rock we were at the main view point which was simply breathtaking . We could see far and wide with a 360 view all around .Of corse we took a lot of beautiful photos and took a walk around the (house/castle ruins .There was rocks and cobbles all around ,we were surrounded by Barbary Macaque monkeys .We had been advised to hide any food ,bottles or long bags .As these monkeys can be very mischievous when hearing wrappers and such. But nonetheless they were sweet to look at and looked happy in their natural habitat.


After our beautiful afternoon and cable cart back down ,we walked through the car park next to the ticket office and came across The Alameda Gibraltar Botanic Gardens it was eye capturing .With lush green walkways and wildlife all around . Gibraltar was such a rememorable place .

After getting back to Benalmadena, a few days later we spent an afternoon at Mariposario de Benalmadena a butterfly farm. There were Butterfly’s everywhere all flying around our heads and thriving in their home .All from different countries across the world .There was plenty of new criscilis to hatch ,as some only live for around fourteen days. We Saw a wallaby casually sleeping amongst the gravel and plants and a cute turtle called Tanky he was 35 years old and would hobble through the bushes it was just incredible .


We also spent an evening with the family on a yacht which was nice, as we were leaving to return home just a few days later. You can see more pictures on my Instagram of the beautiful places we saw and went too.

Overall Benalmadena and Gibraltar were amazing .Id love to visit again and would recommend it to anyone who is travelling or just wants a breakaway, to go up to the Rock of Gibraltar or relax in the energy of Benalmadena. I’ll be back to blogging next Tuesday in the mean time checkout my other social networks Twitter, Instagram and Facebook .Enjoy

The Shard London My Anniversary /update 

Hi guys so I’ve had an amazing few days ,I spent the day in London with my partner .We went to The Shard in London for most of the day to celebrate our 10 year anniversary ,it was beautiful we had drinks and stunning 360 views of London .We took a few hours out to go to south bank the weather was lovely ,so we got some drinks and walked down the riverside .

After a few hours of enjoying south bank ,we headed back to The Shard for the beautiful sunset and we mad it just in time .It was breathtaking seeing London 1016ft up with a panoramic view .

We had to take 3 different elevators that had screens on the ceiling ,you also get a mini electronic tour guide .The 72nd floor is only open during summertime as it is an open air viewing and the highest .Theres a whole floor of faux grass and beautiful planted flowers and colourful flower walls .There was also a crochet game to play freely and a drinks bar.

We stayed at The Shard until late and enjoyed the sunset it was breathtaking ,I would definitely go again and I would recommend it to anyone .

Just a little update ,I’ll be in Spain by the time this blog post goes up ,I will have a blog up all about my adventures soon. And in the meantime you can catch up with me on my social platforms happy holidays .

                                                     200+ likes on My Blog!!

Hi guys yet again I want to take the time to thank each and everyone one of you for liking ,sharing,following and commenting on my blog. I’m so glad people are inspired by me and my posts, it encourages me to create better content for you .100+ likes and follows on my blog already and no matter the amount it’s still an achievement to me .

Thank You All So Much ,I’ll be posting new blog posts every Tuesday .So in the meantime checkout my Instagram ,other social networks and blog posts .

100 Follows on my Blog 

Hi guys ,I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has liked ,followed and commented on my blog .Ive put a lot into my blog ,and the more I get from you guys inspires me to do so much more with my blog. I’m so happy that I’m inspiring other people in the makeup/blogger industry .

Again thank you again to everyone for following my blog .Ill have a new post up on Tuesday ,in the meantime check out my Instagram and latest blog posts .

Superdrug Makeup/Skincare Haul

Hi guys so I went on a recent shopping spree to Superdrug, I was on the look out for some summer products from tanning to highlighters, and I ended up with an amazing haul of products .Superdrug is one of my go-to makeup stores ,they always have deals online and in store .Their Beautycard is free to sign up and start collecting points on, they also do deals online for Beautycard holders.

Firstly, Sleek 032 highlighting palette in shade – Solstice – 

Left to right- ecliptic,hemisphere,subsolar,equinox

  • Includes two baked powders
  • One luxurious cream formula
  • One silky shimmer powder
  • Iridescent, metallic finish

My opinion- it’s  currently one of my favourite highlighters ,it’s versatile and can be used on your body as well . It’s perfect for most skin tones ,applied to the Cupid’s bow and the bridge of the nose .And at £10 for four highlights and it’s beautiful quality it’s well worth it in my opinion .

Tresemme Expert beauty full volume and softness – hair maximizer 

  • Salon quality results 
  • Creates volume 
  • Smoothies cuticles 

My opinion – it’s truly amazing ,applied to damp hair followed by blow drying out with a round brush ,leaves you with weightless bouncy voluminous hair .

Palmolive Gourmet Body butter shower cream – Chocolate passion & Strawberry touch

  • Both smell sweet and yummy 
  • Truly makes your skin irresistibly soft
  • Also comes in a vanilla scent 

My opinion- they both smell amazing and smell like true chocolate and strawberry.


CB Cocoa Brown – lovely legs spray tan

  • Instant wash off tan
  • You can get it in light to dark shades
  • Flawless results
  • Water resistant

My opinion- it gives you an instant tan and full coverage almost like a foundation,non streaky and smells nice .just what you need for summer.

Patisserie De Bain -Bath and Body Collection

  • Cranberries and cream bath and shower Creme 
  • Cranberries and cream hand and body lotion 

My opinion – I received this for free ,after spending a certain amount online .They both smell so fruity and delicious .Used together they leave you with beautiful soft skin.

So theres my haul ,I would purchase all these products again as they work for me and have become part of my day to day .I suggest anyone who hasn’t yet got a Superdrug Beautycard to go and get one ,they’re free and you can start collecting points straight away! I hope you like this blog and I’ll be posting every Tuesday ,in the meantime check my IG ,Twitter and Facebook.